Successful projects begin with careful planning and smart decisions. Trinity’s preliminary engineering services get your project off to the right start by considering every alternative before mapping out a project plan that thoroughly documents the steps toward success and the resources, time, and expense required to get there.

Our team understands the importance of starting infrastructure projects on the right foot. That’s why we see preliminary engineering as an integral step in the overall engineering process. You’ll get more than just a series of projections and a set of concept plans: you’ll get a comprehensive foundation on which project engineers can build to make your vision a reality.
 It all starts at your project’s earliest stages, when engineering takes a backseat to develop a vision and securing the resources, support, and authorizations required to make it a reality.

Our extensive experience with state and local agencies means that whatever your vision, we’ll be ready to project its methodology, costs, and benefits.
Once you’re ready to pursue an infrastructure project, our designs and project plans reflect all applicable public safety and environmental regulations, even when your own requirements exceed those required by law.

We see ourselves as an extension of your staff, and pride ourselves on developing project plans that advance even the most ambitious goals toward safer, more environmentally sustainable engineering.
The result is a comprehensive blueprint for your next infrastructure project. For you, that means assurance that your next project will meet its deadlines without change orders; for project engineers, it means the documentation and structure they need to complete even the largest projects on time and on budget.