Trinity Procurement DMCC was established during 2014 in Dubai by a group of private investors with extensive experience in the oil industry. Since it’s mentioned by Private Group of Investors-we should mention that,these investors have a long story of trading above mentioned products. Trinity’s mission is to utilise the great potential of the Gulf countries in trade and development within the oil and gas sectors.

During its first year, Trinity established strong and successful trade relations with key players in both the state and private sectors across most of the influential countries in this region.

With its headquarters in Dubai, Trinity Procurement DMCC has representative offices and affiliated companies in main petroleum hubs across the region and beyond.  Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia and Cyprus being among them.

Our main trading partners are located in the fast growing markets of China, India, Pakistan and in the EEC especially in eastern European countries like Romania, Serbia, Poland and Lithuania.

Trinity also has local knowledge and logistical and trading experience in former Soviet Union countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia, amongst others.

We are always willing to share our experience, connections and expertise with clients and partners.

Trinity’s core business is physical trading and logistics. Our assets and investments complement and enhance these activities. Our clients for oil and petroleum products include electric utilities, refineries, major private and national oil companies.

Our team is focused on adding value at every stage of the supply chain. We access hard-to-reach locations, offer technical advice and financial support, build infrastructure and devise logistics to streamline and simplify transportation in order to deliver on time, on-spec commodities wherever they are needed.

Trinity also invests in ports, terminals and logistics to support and enhance our physical trading activities.

Trinity Procurement intends to actively expand in to the energy industry by providing diversified, unique products and quality services through an efficient, reliable performance in the global market. The company takes pride in providing our partners with customized solutions for their energy needs and requirements using a creative and tailored approach to pricing and logistics while maintaining strict risk management controls.

Our management team has a deeply held understanding of the energy industry, gained through decades of experience and a broad worldwide network of strategic professional relationships in the private and public sectors.